Free Bow Making Instructions

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Do you ever struggle to make a bow for a present or a wreath? Well, you don’t have to look any further. When you follow these instructions or follow along with the video you will be able to make your very own bow. You may surprise yourself. I sure did!

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I learned how to make a bow.  For example, my bows would come out all lopsided and uneven. Then I came across the EZ BowMaker and tada! “it works”.   Below, you will get free bow-making instructions so you can make beautiful bows for your wreaths, packages, or home decor.

Learn how to make a beautiful bow with these Free Bow Making Instructions

When I’m in my workroom and making wreaths and bows it is therapy for the soul, brings a lot of joy and stress relief. I hope you will enjoy this video, “How to Make a Bow Using The EZ Bowmaker”.

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Bow Making Instructions

Although the video shows an Easter bow, you can use the design for any colored ribbons you would like.  However, they do need to be wired ribbons.  You can use this handy tool for any size of bow you need. You will now be able to make your own bows for packages, wreaths, or even hair bows.

Supplies Needed to Make a Bow

  • Two 2.5 inch ribbons wired (your choice of colors)
  • Three 1.5 inch ribbons wired (your choice of colors)
  • The ribbons I used were all canvas, except one and it is polyester.
  • 24-26-inch wire (24 gage or you can use two pipe cleaners twisted together to make one long one)
  • EZ Bowmaker
  • Zip Tie
  • Scissors

Free Bow Making Instructions

First, start with two loops on each side at 6″ each, using a 2.5-inch canvas ribbon.

Second, make one loop on each side at 6″ each, using a 1.5-inch ribbon.

Third, make two loops on each side at 5″ each, using a 2.5-inch ribbon.

Fourth, make a bow by hand using a 1.5-inch polyester ribbon at 4.5 inches. (This is demonstrated in the video). The reason we are making this part of the bow by hand is the ribbon has a pattern design. If we use the bow maker we will be twisting the ribbon and therefore, placing the loops on each side with the pattern going different ways. Doing this by hand we can use a method of going over and then under instead of twisting. This keeps the design of the ribbon going the same way on each side.

Fifth, make one loop on each side at 4.5″ inches using a 1.5-inch ribbon.

Sixth, take the zip tie and place it under the loops in the center and bring it around to clasp, before you pull it out of the EZ Bowmaker, you want to add a 24-inch wire through the zip tie so that it will be secure. This will be used to tie the bow around the wreath or present.

Lastly, As you ease the bow up, put the back of the zip tie on the bottom and pull tight as you keep it in the center. When you have it out of the Bowmaker, fluff all the loops and make sure the zip tie is tight and snip off the end.

In Conclusion

Bows can be hard to make, but they don’t have to be when you use the handy EZ Bowmaker. I hope you enjoyed the video and the written instructions, and if I can help you in any way, please leave a message in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by.  For more live how-to videos, check out my YouTube Channel.

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