3D Laser Engraved Crystal Gifts – Update

I wanted to share with you these beautiful personalized 3D laser engraved crystal gifts from Tampa, Florida-based CrystalClearMemories.com; turns any precious photo memory or special image into a life-like, 3D laser engraved image and/or message, encased in stunning, sparkling crystal.

There are various sizes and shapes of crystals to choose from and the CrystalClearMemories.com website is so easy to use. Just upload a special photo, (it could be a wedding photo, baby’s first photo, birthday photo, engagement photo, or any other milestone or special memory), tell them what caption or quote to include (names, date, inspirational quote, Bible verse, etc.), then, choose the style of font you want and your caption or quote. Next, they have a really cool preview feature that allows you to see your completed crystal in the size and shape of your choice before you pay so you can make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. I love that!

Once your personalized 3D photo keepsake crystal looks exactly the way you want it to, you can place your order in a few simple clicks and it will be on its way to you. By the way, shipping is free anywhere in the U.S.A, and CrystalClearMemories.com will guarantee your satisfaction or they’ll remake it for you. Similarly, if it breaks for any reason they will replace it, hassle-free and free of charge.

This is a company that truly cares about its customers. Read their reviews to see for yourself.


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Personalized 3D Photo Crystals Are Great Graduation Gift Ideas

As it’s graduation season, and you’re getting announcements in the mail, you begin trying to think of a gift to give a graduate, keep in mind, these crystals from CrystalClearMemories.com make the best graduation keepsakes. 3D photo engraved crystals will keep this cherished time alive for years to come. I know as a parent, I would love to have a crystal of my child’s graduation, or even her nursing graduation picture would make a lovely keepsake.

These 3D laser engraved crystal gifts are nice without the base but they are WOW-making once the light hits the crystal. One of the reasons people love crystal is because of its light-reflective properties.

This is amplified with a 3D laser engraved crystal containing a photo memory of a loved one or even a pet. You definitely do not want to go all the way to ordering a 3D crystal image of your loved one to celebrate (or memorialize) any special milestone or loved one without ordering the light. It’s just a waste. Trust me, order the light, you won’t regret it. It makes a HUGE difference. 

CrystalClearMemories.com Also Has Your Religious Gift Needs Covered

CrystalClearMemories.com has 3D Laser engraved crystal gifts dedicated to crystals containing suggested, meaningful Bible references, images, and quotes. Pre-fab image options include a cross, an angel, a dove, etc., but you can upload literally any image you have the rights to use, and any quote you want to be inscribed. You could do a quote only crystal without an image if you wanted, and it would still sparkle and look stunning on a shelf, desk, table, or fireplace mantle.

Although the shop’s religious items section contains Christian themes, customers of any religious denomination will appreciate the opportunity to make their very own religious keepsake at CrystalClearMemories.com by uploading any image or meaningful passages from their own scripture, to a crystal of their very own.

The Lord has done so much for me over the years, and memorizing His Word has shown to be a great help, especially in times of struggle. When I put a scripture where I can see it every day, it helps to memorize it, and these crystals would be a lovely way to see it; as you could place it on your desk at work or a dresser at home, for a beautiful touch anywhere you place it.

These are just a few examples that work well engraved in 3D crystals, which you can see at CrystalClearMemories.com.

CrystalClearMemories.com Makes Many Memorial Pieces

These precious crystals can be used as memorial pieces for loved ones or pets who have passed on. I have one for our pet myself who we lost last year. We love ours. It’s like he’s still here sometimes when I look at it – with the light it is SO realistic.

Buy Now Picture

Personalize any (2) 3D photo crystal to SAVE 25% off BOTH! Great gift for parents, grandparents, or best friends: Code: 25OFFTWO. Valid until 11/02/2021

Browse CrystalClearMemories.com by Occasion

You can browse CrystalClearMemories.com for any occasion, whether for a gift for a friend, a relative, or for you to keep, it will be sure to be cherished for years to come. It will be worth the little amount extra to add the lighted base, as it will make your crystal sparkle. You will be glad you spent the additional amount and you will get a discount when you use the links throughout my page.

Browse By Holiday

A holiday is a special time to be shared with friends, family, and loved ones. One of my most favorite holidays is Christmas. Just think how it will be when you give a 3D laser engraved crystal gift to your mom, daughter, or friend, and they open it up and turn the light on the base, not only does the light make the crystal sparkle, but you can see the sparkle on their face. What a delight!

When you browse by holiday, be sure to use the link on my page for a special discount. You get an extra discount when you purchase two, use Code: 25OFFTWO!

Browse By Shape

CrystalClearMemories.com has beautifully shaped crystals that make any 3D laser engraved an amazing gift, especially when matched with a lighted base makes this perfect gift for any occasion. Click on each of the links below to see th individual shapes to see which one you love the best. It’s a hard choice, I love all of them!

Wait! Browse these Bases and Accessories

When customizing a crystal to give as a gift or to keep for yourself, you will not be disappointed when you add one of these lighted bases. The first time I saw one of these crystals, is when my sister showed me what she and her husband purchased after their honeymoon. It was gorgeous, and having the light made such a difference, as it sparkled when the lights hit the crystal, and I was so impressed how it looked exactly like them and the light lit them up within the crystal.

The customer who wants a 3D photo crystal values the item for being more lifelike and realistic than a 2D flat image. I encourage you to get the light-up base, as it will truly make your crystal that much more beautiful and lifelike. It is worth the extra you spend and you won’t regret it.

When You Purchase a 3D Laser Engraved Photo Crystal at CrystalClearMemories.com You Have Five Fonts to Choose From

Font Description Picture

Be sure to take advantage of the discounts listed, as YOU SAVE $$$ when you use the links on my page to shop at CrystalClearMemories.com.

Shop and Save with Checks Unlimited!

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